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7 Psychological Tricks for Turning Fleeting Visitors into Loyal Fans

7 Psychological Tricks for Turning Fleeting Visitors into Loyal Fans

How the heck do they do it?

How do your favorite bloggers attract so many gung-ho, drum-thumping followers?

Be honest – you’d love to inspire that much loyalty.

You try your darndest to emulate them, but nothing seems to work.

Your visitors are like water pouring through a strainer.

They may come to check out an intriguing headline, but they hardly ever seem to stick around.

In other words, few visitors seem to turn into followers.

So what is left to try? You feel defeated, destined to remain a small-time blogger.

But what if you could use the secrets of psychology to mesmerize your visitors and dazzle them into becoming devoted followers?

First, you need to understand the three psychological triggers underlying reader loyalty.

3 Simple Blog Graphics You Can Create (Even if You’re Not a Designer)

3 Simple Blog Graphics You Can Create (Even if You’re Not a Designer)

Let’s be honest.

Blogging is hard.

You’re forced to wear many hats – writer, editor, promoter, social media manager, even accountant.

And adding another hat – designer – is probably the last thing on your to-do list.

But the problem is, beautiful prose just isn’t enough these days.

Your work must look great, too. Because if it doesn’t, it’ll get ignored.

That’s worrying.

Because when you look at the content you’re competing with, the bar is getting higher and higher.

Even if you have enough natural ability to add graphic design to your skill set, do you have the time?

And what if you don’t have that innate talent?

Thankfully, you don’t have to be a creative genius or have tons of spare time to make sure your content meets the new visual standard.

You just need a free tool and a few simple tricks.

3 Questions Your Blog Must Answer or Be Doomed to Wither and Die

3 Questions Your Blog Must Answer or Be Doomed to Wither and Die

You’re doing everything you’ve been told.

You’re publishing great content, you’re staying on top of SEO, and you’re all over social media.

You even keep in contact with other bloggers in the hope they’ll get behind your blog.

But your readership still isn’t where you want it to be.

And your dream of working from home, reaching financial freedom, and changing the world in the process seems to be as far away as the day you wrote your first post.

So what gives?

The problem is, even though you’re getting some traffic to your blog, people aren’t subscribing to it.

And if they don’t subscribe, they don’t come back.

When this is the case, no matter how hard you work to get more traffic, the situation can’t change.

Unless you shift your mindset.

So you need to stop worrying about traffic, and start focusing on something else instead.

Why You’re Wasting Your Welcome Email (and What to Do About It)

Why You’re Wasting Your Welcome Email (and What to Do About It)

Well, you finally did it.

You created an email list for your blog.

That means you’re now converting casual visitors into something far more valuable – subscribers.

Feels pretty good, doesn’t it?

It should. You’re building a loyal audience who actively wants to hear from you. An audience you can reach at will, instead of hoping they’ll remember to return to your blog (because sadly, most won’t).

And if you’re smart, you’ll do everything you can to coax new people to join your shiny new list.

But while focusing on your list is healthy for your blog, it can also expose you to a dangerous pitfall:

You can become so single-minded about getting people to subscribe that you don’t think about what happens afterwards.

Big mistake.

Because those early interactions with new subscribers are crucial. They set the tone for your new relationship, and they happen in that precious “honeymoon” period where readers are actively thinking about your blog and the value it could provide to them.

And the start of that relationship rests on one simple communication:

Your welcome email.

So you’d better get it right.

The Wild and Crazy Guide to Writing Sentences

The Wild and Crazy Guide to Writing Sentences

You’ve heard them.

The “gurus.”

The Internet marketers. The social media experts. The serial product launchers.

(Even some popular bloggers are guilty of it.)

“Blogging is easy,” they say glibly. “And it’ll bring you all the attention, money and recognition you desire.”

“All you have to do is write epic content.”

Meanwhile, you’re sitting there at your keyboard pounding your fists in frustration, because you have all these fantastic ideas that you want to share, but you’re afraid that you can’t do them justice.

Epic? You’re afraid your writing isn’t even enjoyable.

You worry that you’re not a good enough writer. That your ideas are simply going to vanish into the electronic ether because you can’t attract enough readers with your words.

Sometimes you even wonder if you should just give up on your blogging dreams altogether.

But you shouldn’t. And here’s why.

You can become a great blogger and writer by mastering just one fundamental skill.