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25 Valuable Lessons from Seriously Successful Writers

25 Valuable Lessons from Seriously Successful Writers

Stop it.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

You might think your problems are special, unique, or impossible for anyone else to understand. But you know what?

As writers, we’re all struggling with the same basic problems.

You’re not the only one who doesn’t know what kind of writer to become.

You’re not the only one who spends hours tinkering with sentences – and still hates them.

And you’re not the only one who’ll do anything – clean the bathroom, service the car, even run a marathon – to avoid sitting your butt in that chair and doing the work.

Almost every writer faces problems like procrastination, perfectionism, and self-doubt at one time or another. Even the successful ones.

But the feeling of being totally alone on your writer’s journey is insidious.

It gnaws at your confidence and weakens your resolve.

It causes talented writers to give up when all they need to do is keep going.

And that needs to stop right now …


How to Build Relationships with Popular Bloggers (Even If It Scares You Silly)

How to Build Relationships with Popular Bloggers (Even If It Scares You Silly)

You know you’re supposed to be reaching out to popular bloggers.

After all, without help, how will you compete with the Internet’s 150 million other blogs?

Popular bloggers already have large audiences. They can introduce your content to thousands of readers you’d never otherwise reach. They can introduce you to other powerful people online.

But something has been holding you back.

Every time you think of reaching out, it kicks in …

The fear of rejection.

“Why would famous bloggers pay any attention to me?”

“They’ll know I’m a newbie and scoff in disgust!”

Don’t worry – these feelings are common. It’s freaking awkward to throw yourself in a total stranger’s face and ask them to help you.

Fortunately, though, there is a way to befriend influencers and get them to promote your work without straying too far from your comfort zone.

In fact, if you do it right, outreach can easily feel less scary, more natural, and even invigorating.

Let’s find out how…


How to Become a Confident Expert (and Stop Feeling Like a Fraud)

How to Become a Confident Expert (and Stop Feeling Like a Fraud)

It’s hard to admit, but…

You sometimes feel like a fraud.

There’s a yawning gap between how you present yourself online, and how you actually feel.

You know that to be credible online, people must see you as an expert, but how often do you feel you actually deserve that label?

Sure, you have a good understanding of your topic, and you’re expanding your knowledge every day, but are you truly an expert?

In truth, being seen as an expert is as much about your confidence as it is about the depth and breadth of your knowledge. If you act like an expert, people tend to treat you like one.

But here’s the thing. Knowledge breeds confidence. And if you sometimes feel like a fraud, it just means you don’t have quite enough knowledge yet.

So the question is: what do you need to know to confidently present yourself as an expert in your topic?

And how can you acquire that knowledge as quickly as possible?

A Crash Course in Google Analytics for Anyone Who’s Sick of Feeling Like an Idiot

A Crash Course in Google Analytics for Anyone Who’s Sick of Feeling Like an Idiot

Kinda unfair, isn’t it?

As a blogger you have so many different skills to master.

Writing, editing, promotion, networking . . . the list goes on and on.

You’re essentially expected to be a solo publishing empire — an entire team of skilled professionals rolled into one person.

Where on earth will you find the time? How do you make the best use of the time you do have?

Tools can help, but let’s face it, researching and learning new tools is a time-suck all of its own.

However, one free tool could make a huge difference to your success as a blogger.

Chances are, you already know about it. You’ve probably even installed it on your blog.

But you’re almost completely ignoring it. And that’s a big mistake.

So what is this neglected power tool? Google Analytics.

And getting it to work for you is a lot easier than you might think.


The Ethical Way to Earn Money Online (Even If You Have Nothing to Sell)

The Ethical Way to Earn Money Online (Even If You Have Nothing to Sell)

Don’t worry. You can admit it.

You secretly wish your blog was more than just a hobby.

But it’s costing you more than it earns. And that’s the hallmark of a hobby, not a serious endeavor.

Even if you have no desire to transform your blog into a business, you’d like it to at least pay its way, right?

Because blogging costs are many – web hosting, email lists, domain renewals, social media tools. They all cost money – and every month your blog comes up short.

Of course, you already know one popular option for monetizing your blog – you could create a product. But you just don’t feel ready yet. And besides, creating and promoting a product takes time.

What you need right now is a way to earn a little money from your blog without a ton of work.

Fortunately, a way exists that’s highly effective, requires little ramp-up time, and is used by some of the most respected names on the web.

Many bloggers have heard of it, but for a silly reason completely ignore it…