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The Secret Sauce That Made These 7 Blog Posts Go Viral

The Secret Sauce That Made These 7 Blog Posts Go Viral

Admit it…

You dream of going viral.

In fact, the thought of writing a post that blows up on social media is what motivates you to keep blogging.

After all, one viral blog post can turn an obscure blogger into an internet celebrity in a matter of days.

But how do you make it happen?

One way is to keep writing and hope that one day the viral gods decide it’s finally your turn.

Good luck with that.

An altogether smarter way is to look at posts that have already hit the big time, and see what they have that yours don’t.

If you want to discover the secret sauce that’ll send your writing through the roof, you need look no further than the following posts.

7 Emails You Should Send Your Subscribers (But Probably Don’t)

7 Emails You Should Send Your Subscribers (But Probably Don’t)

Annoying as hell, isn’t it?

When a guy who launched his first blog a couple of months ago is already getting dozens of comments and hundreds of shares anytime he posts something new.

While over in your world, a comment from someone not related to you is still a huge win.

What’s he doing differently? In fact, what sets apart all those bloggers who can rapidly build an insanely engaged audience from those who have to beg and plead just to get a handful of shares?

Is the answer really just “great content?”

Content is important, but plenty of bloggers put just as much time, energy and care into their content as those in the top tier, only to experience 10% of the results.

So what do the big guys have that the little ones don’t?

They have a relationship with their audience.

How I Wrote Posts That Touched the Hearts of More Than 5 Million People

How I Wrote Posts That Touched the Hearts of More Than 5 Million People

You know that feeling you get right before you publish a post?

The angel on one shoulder says you’ve written a post of enormous importance and depth, one that will change the lives of your readers forever. Meanwhile, the devil on the other shoulder calls you a halfwit with the writing talent of a chimpanzee doped on acid.

Well, it was a few days before Christmas in 2009, and the devil was winning.

“Please don’t publish it,” I sobbed into the telephone. “The post is crap. It’ll ruin me.”

Sonia Simone, one of the most respected editors in the world, listened politely on the other end of the phone. The night before, I’d sent her a post I’d been working on for months, confident of my writing genius, but mere hours later I was on the phone having an epic freak-out.

The good news is, after working together for years, Sonia was well accustomed to my neuroses, and she knew exactly how to handle me. “Darling, you are the most talented writer I know, and this is your most brilliant work to date.”

My sobs stopped. “Really? You think so?”

“Yes. Now let me get back to work, so we can make you famous.” Click.

For the next hour, there was nothing to do but sit at the computer pressing the “refresh” button over and over again. I trembled. I prayed.

And then the post went live (click here to read it).

Is Your Writing Missing This Crucial Ingredient?

Is Your Writing Missing This Crucial Ingredient?

Has this happened to you?

You spend hours writing a post, wracking your brains for the best ideas and then crafting your words on the page.

And then it falls flat.

You get only a handful of comments and can count the social media shares on your fingers.

And after all the work you’ve put into the piece!

It’s a bummer, isn’t it?

You may wonder: Why did my readers click away?

Perhaps your post is lacking something important. It needs one vital ingredient to really stand out:

A clear destination.

16 Posts That’ll Make You Excited to Be a Writer in 2016

16 Posts That’ll Make You Excited to Be a Writer in 2016

Let me guess…

At least one of your New Year’s resolutions relates to your writing.

Am I right?

Maybe you’ve decided to commit to a daily writing practice.

Or set your sights on a specific writing goal, to be achieved no matter what.

Or committed to launching a blog to showcase your writing to a waiting world.

Even if making resolutions isn’t your style, making some kind of plan for your writing in 2016 is a smart idea.

But there’s a problem. And it comes down to human nature.

Most resolutions slide before January ends. And most plans crumble at the first sign of trouble.

That’s because even our best intentions soon stall without the right fuel…


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